Hide and Seek: Sphero vs. Drone

So this project was one that I did with a friend Christine early in 2014. It’s a twist on Hide and Seek but instead of hiding with people, your Sphero is the one that’s hiding while the Drone Seeks it out. Pretty cool, right!?

If you don’t know what a Sphero is check it out: http://www.gosphero.com/

They’re really cool and fun to code on. We also use an AR Parrot Drone. Also fun to play with but much harder to code for this specific project. Check out some of their stuff here: http://ardrone2.parrot.com/ 

I went into the project thinking it wouldn’t be too hard. Big mistake. Hardware has a way of surprising you in the least fun way when coding. Anyway, we stopped working on it in June, but I hadn’t made a post about it until now. Sharing some of the insights that I gleaned and practices I learned would be a great way to kick off this blog.


<h2>Overview: </h2>

Create a new twist on the classic game that uses both a Drone and a Sphero. Learn how to create a windows 8.1 project to talk between the Sphero and Drone. This is by no means an easy project to implement. If you are not familiar with back-end networking and communication concepts as well as connecting with hardware, I suggest reading the documentation for each of the technologies first.

<h2>Before you start: </h2>

Who is TheNappingKat?

Good Question! Oh, you didn’t ask. Well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

They see me rollin'
They see me rollin’

My name is Katherine Harris. I work for Microsoft, and I just became a Technical Evangelist for the Audience team.

What is a Technical Evangelist? Even better question! But I’ll give you the straight to the point simplified answer instead of the long, sit you down for 10 minutes one.

So the definition of evangelist is: Someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm (thanks merriam-webster). Therefore a technical evangelist talks about technology with great enthusiasm. In the context of my job it means I’m a developer that goes to events and teaches others about Microsoft technologies and how to use them.

More about me.

I’m a super nerd. Comics, Video Games, TV, movies! I love super heroes! DC > Marvel though DC please get a move on with your movies! I also love doing high intensity, high adrenalin activities: white water rafting, skiing, going to Roller Coaster parks (front row each time).  Also a great night is Karaoke night!

So a little more about my past.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I also went to the University of Virginia, graduating from the Engineering School with a BS Computer Science Degree.

I didn’t always want to be a computer scientist. But after first year of E-School, I realized that it was the only class that I was really excited to go to and do assignments on. I found my calling when I joined the Student Game Developers. A student run organization that built games in their spare time (HA, what spare time, E-School is hard!) Anyway, I started out doing the art for my friends games. I did 2D sprites, 3D models, animations, logos, random other stuff. Eventually I got more into the coding side of things. Became a level designer for some games, a developer, then moved on to Director, and then Vice President of the club. Not bad for a person who did know anything about coding before school.

Anyway now I’m going to be sharing my knowledge and talking about whatever I think is super fun.

So that was me in a slightly large nutshell.

Happy Coding